Started with the lips


I originally went to Lina to see what she could do to restore the color back to my lips. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little nervous about getting anything done to my face. Instantly, Lina made me feel comfortable. She sat down with me and showed me before and after photos of clients she had worked on. Lina listened to my concerns and to how I wanted my lips to look after the procedure. I appreciated the fact that she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, she gave me an honest and realistic assessment of what I should expect. I'm more than pleased with the results! Not only did Lina match the color perfectly to my natural lip color, but she also reshaped my lips to make them appear fuller. A year later I decided to get my eyes and eyebrows done. After lining both the upper and lower lid, my eyes are now more defined. Lina was also able to cover a scar on one of my eyebrows where the hair wouldn't grow and blended in with the rest of my brow, giving them the natural appearance I was hopeful for. Lina is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and I would gladly recommend her anyone. She is awesome, and I wouldn't trust my looks and face with anyone else!

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Bringing color to a blank canvas


I went to A Better Image for eyebrow sculpting and coloring and eye lash darkening. I am a natural blonde hair, blue eyed, and fair skinned girl. My eyelashes cannot be seen unless I constantly wear mascara. A Better Image dyed my eyelashes black, allowing my blue eyes to "pop" more. The eyebrow and eyelash dying has further enhanced my features bringing color to an otherwise blank canvas. I no longer have to continuously apply mascara throughout the day. It is especially helpful when I have 8:00am classes. The procedures were all quick and painless. Service was absolutely impeccable. My friends, classmates, and family have made positive comments on my new features. The service was impeccable, and now I am one step closer to fabulosity.

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Best electrologist by far!


I have had various electrolysis treatements in the past twenty years, and I can safely and honestly say that Lina is by far the best electrologist I have come across. She is certainly the fastest, most thorough and most efficient electrologist who has ever treated me. Another thing that distinguishes her from her colleaues is the fact that she is very knowledgeable, a walking encyclopedia on the subject of hair removal. And because of that, she doesn't make promises she cannot keep. Her estimates are accurate and realistic, and your own expectations become realistic as a result of that. This is very important, especially if you have large areas that need to be treated.

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Permanent solution to unwanted hair


About four year's ago; I realized that bleaching was no longer the solution to hiding my unwanted facial hair, in fact, the bleaching just caused more attention to the area! I considered waxing, since I was waxing my eyebrows since I was sixteen. I knew the downfalls of waxing; the hair grows in thicker, and faster with each wax. I wanted a permanent solution, so I opened the yellow pages and found the closest electrologist. I saw this electrologist for almost a year, when one day Lina Haralambous treated me in her absence. I have been with Lina ever since. I noticed a big difference right away. Lina is caring and gentle. She uses the electrolysis method best for me, not the same method on all clients. Lina takes the time to listen and help her clients get fast results, without using an unfit method.

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Love my new eyebrows!


I just wanted to thank you again for my new feathered eyebrows. I LOVE THEM!! They came out better than I had imagined! I was very surprised at how little discomfort there was during the procedure. I expected to leave your office red, swollen and in pain. That was not the case at all! There was no pain or swelling and the area was only slightly pink. My family and friends love them and can't believe how natural they look!! They will be booking their appointments soon! I threw away my eyebrow pencils and save so much time in the morning. I wish I came to see you years ago!! Thank you!

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